Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wang Qingsong

Commercial War, 170 x 300 cm, Photograph, Wang Qingsong, 2004

Follow me, 120x300cm, photograph, Wang Qingsong, 2003

Dream of Migrants, 170x400cm, Photograph, Wang Qingsong, 2005

Dormitory, 170x400cm, Photograph, Wang Qingsong, 2005

China Mansion, 30x300cm / 60x600cm / 120x1200cm, Wang Qingsong, photograph, 2003

Wang Qingsong was born in Heilongjiang Province, China and studied at the Sichuan Academy of Art. His art reflects the issues of Western Modernization of China and its affects on the global and national scales. He doesn't feel that all western influences are bad, but believes in an old Chinese saying, "each carrot should have its own pit." With that said, he feels that China needs its own characteristics of economic and cultural styles. His art has been exhibited internationally and he's a rising star of the Chinese Art scene. He feels that his work is slightly journalistic in its aesthetics, commenting on social, political, and economic policies of the Chinese establishment and western philosophies. He was trained as a painter and then found his niche in the photographic realm, with highly narrative and composed photographs of Chinese cultural issues.


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