Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fixed Gear


"What you see is people, who have spent their lives talking to only each other, now suddenly talking to reporters and people on the outside," said Ammerman. "They develop a group jargon and a particular posture. Their gestures, their language, is all going to look like each other because they are so tied to each other. That's not because someone has forced them to do that — it's simply coming out of living together in a relatively isolated kind of situation where they're not interacting with a lot of people"

Fritz, Yokota. "Bicyclists: brainwashed or believers?" Web log post. 16 Apr. 2008. Web. .

What I found interesting about this blog post, was its pointing out of sociology and psychology of bikers in a fixed gear crew, that resides in San Fransisco. It points out why people don't understand them and what they're trying to do (or not do). Maybe this is why people think of some bikers as a counter culture, maybe it's just misunderstanding, or maybe not. It seems that many try to blur the lines in what they do or why they do anything. Maybe it's all just because they want a shroud of mystery to surround what they do.

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