Sunday, October 18, 2009



"Sociologists and psychologists have found remarkable underlying themes and ideas that encapsulate entire generations. The two most recent generations, Generation X (births 1965 to 1982) and Millenials (births 1983 to 2002), have been heavily influenced by a fundamental rift in the nuclear family and being raised in a much more visually immersive media-created world. These generations “live in a world that is increasingly devoid of solid, dependable relationships. They have grown up as children of divorce, starved for closeness and intimacy as the family has deteriorated. Abusive, neglectful, busy, absent, non-emotional and working parents have no time for relationships.” They are the embodiment of “latchkey kids.”

The most important thing to both these generations is relationships; they will do anything to be loved. These generations also embrace change, value individuality, prize pragmatism, and are adrenaline junkies. What more favorable set of characteristics could the bicycle movement look for than these? Community Support Groups serve to provide meaning and utility for their social life and bring them into relationship with those who share an affinity for bicycling and/or bicycling activism. Critical Mass and similar groups provide a space for expression, optimism, and hope: all things this generation long for."

Rhodes, Brandon. "Cycles of Contention: Aspects of Bicycle Activism." (2004). Scribd. Web. .

Now, I know i just took a huge quote from this article, but this information is very important to the ideals of my art and what people i am currently involving myself with and photographing. The idea of a bike as a way of change is very real, it creates a bond between people and commonality in which people can strive for. Like the article talks about, much of this demographic are twenty-somethings and sociology shows that the demographic of people in this group promote change, individuality, and adrenaline flow. (I always knew that) I am aware of the inherent contradiction of conformity of being a biker, although it still does create an individual. But, like what I said before, the group of people (bikers) need to organize to create social change. Some cities have that and some don't. Though, i do feel that people are becoming much more aware of this fact and this biker activism will soon blossom nationwide.

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