Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tetsumi Kudo

String Game of Memory (Juex de fils de la memoire), 1980

Your Portrait (Votre Portrait), 1965-66

Cultivation - For Nostalgic Purpose - For your Living Room, 1967-68

Tetsumi Kudo is a Japanese artist that worked primarily in painting and sculpture. Born in 1935, he was best described as an abstract expressionist, most of the work he created was a comment on japan's post apocalyptic aesthetic after WWII, dealing with many phallic, mutated, transformed, and caged subjects. He worked primarily in mixed media was commenting on industrialization, modernism, and the social malaise of Japan during his lifetime, and was never really well know in the United States. He didn't even have a Solo Exhibition in the US until after his death in 1990. He primarily exhibited in Japan and France during his life and it wasn't until his Garden of Metamorphosis solo exhibition in 2008, at the Walker Art Center in Minnesota, did the US realize what a talent he was. His education was at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, Tokyo, Japan in 1958.

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