Monday, October 26, 2009

Jim Goldberg

Jim Goldberg is a photographer that is currently with the prestigious Magnum Photographers group. His photographic works are a new form of documentary, the work is much more corrupted than, say, a photojournalist. The photography of his that i have chosen to focus on is his series named "Raised By Wolves." A project where he followed teenagers and adolescents in the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles. This series was shot from 1987-1993 where he interviewed and photographed the teens, their social workers, and the police that wrangle these youths up. By photographing all of these aspects and people, he find a very developed and diverse subject matter that really works with how he presents these images, in a book. That's another reason that I have chosen to talk about him, I feel that possibly my current works is going to be best suited in a book format, possibly not as a traditional book, but maybe an accordion style book (i.e. Ed Ruscha's Gas Station book).

I hope that I can really follow and understand how Jim Goldberg photographs and how he looks at imagery. I want to take as much as i can from him. This book is presented as almost a scrapbook of ideas, photos, film stills, and handwritten texts that help convey the legitimacy of this series. At this book's roots, it is a compassionate tale of the lives of adolescent, displaced and misunderstood youths of urban America. It involves their drug lives, love lives, survival, violence, exploitation, and their pursuit of happiness.

All Photographs have variable dimensions and are from the Series "Raised By Wolves" 1987-1993.



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