Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not your Traditional Sport



Seemann, Luke. "Cyclocross is One Crazy, Muddy Bike Race." Chicago Tribune [Chicago] 24 Sept. 2009: 1+. Print.

"There's room for everybody," Kuhn says. "The scene's not as intimidating as some other places, like the track or road races. The scene is more comfortable for people to get into and start out and not be so nervous."

This is a good article that is making something that seems very limited in its viewership and its participation much more universal to a community. Although, I have talked about bikers as a "tribe" i know that biking is much more than that, it's a unifying activity that encourages activity, growth, and activism in said communities. Although i am talking about a sport that's very high endurance, and even abstract in many cases, it still breeds a sense of community and pride in participation. Many people actually just come to be a spectator . This is something that everyone can do if, and is encouraged, though it is very intense and strenuous, it makes people enjoy the rigors of the sport. So, with that said, the biking that i explore as a photographer can be very specific and also general, same with the notions of bike culture now. There are people that have tight clicks, and those who just enjoy a calm ride through nature, or those who enjoy an incredibly tough ride through nature. The plurality of biking is endless in everyone's reasons for wanting to bike.

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