Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Initiative

Bike Lot for Postal and Delivery Service

Converted bikes for taxi service

"Increases in train ridership, funding for better bike-train connections — looks good. Hopefully, the US will take a hint and create similar programs. With the increased ridership bicycle access can provide, this would help to fuel the US’ lagging train ridership

Now, this quote seems vague and almost irrelevant to biking in which i am focusing on, but I do feel that there's at least a little amount, if not more, of eco-concern that is involved in my work. These articles, and many others, say that if a country wants to become more eco-friendly, their systems of transportation must work together, rather than compete for funds in an already tight global economy. England, and other European Union countries, have already realized this, that transportation services thrive upon each other. England has put 14 million pounds into a revamp of train and biking services. 14 mil. pounds! Granted the country is much smaller than our own, but we as a nation have PREACHED about how we want to become less dependent on oil! In my opinion, when the government bails out the auto industry with BILLIONS of dollars to try and help out the CEOs of vast empires of corporations, there seems to be a bit of a contradiction in their ways. This gets off topic, but General Motors and Chrysler are terminally wounded companies anyways, with really shitty cars! Ford really didn't need that much help they own so many other car companies that would would have survived. If America would have invested that money into public transportation, biking, trains, and the infrastructure that is required to maintain such things, then our outlook on becoming a GREEN nation would have been brighter. The transportation industries must network and help each other out, build upon one another. If America took some of that billions of dollars from the auto industy and put it into a new American Global Green Initiative (I just made that up too) then we (America) could try to look towards the future, rather than trying to fix the past.

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