Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ashley Bickerton

Abstract Painting for People #4, 1987. Lacquer and acrylic on polymer resin and plywood with anodised aluminum. h: 68 x w: 48 x d: 15 in / h: 172.7 x w: 121.9 x d: 38.1 cm

Tormented Self-Portrait, 1988

Good Painting, 1988. Mixed media construction with neoprene covering. h: 90 x w: 69 x d: 18 in / h: 228.6 x w: 175.3 x d: 45.7 cm

Me Portrait No. 2 (Six Gun), 1987. acrylic on aluminum, plastic, steel cable, hardware. h: 62 x w: 47.5 x d: 42 in / h: 157.5 x w: 120.6 x d: 106.7 cm

Ashley Bickerton was born in 1959 in Barbados, his family traveled to many different places as a child. He began his artistic career after he graduated from the California Institute of Art in 1982 and then moved to New York to be apart of the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. He exhibited for a few years in New York and then got his big break at a 4 person show at the Sonnabend Gallery in 1986. This exhibition launched 4 artists careers that became known as the "Fantastic Four" which includes Jeff Koons, Peter Halley, and Meyer Vaisman. These four artists became the forefront of the Neo-Geo Movement of art. Ashley has exhibited extensively across the globe and is in many permanent collections such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Tate Modern. Many of his works comment on capitalism and the commidification of art itself. The works i have put up are of his early career and are typically assemblages of industrial materials with the use of corporate branding of iconic symbols. He currently lives and works in Bali.

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