Wednesday, November 5, 2008

that weekly stuff for thursday

Did anyone critique my work this week?

Sonali did last thursday, she felt that my anti-portraits weren't turning out like they were supposed to and that she wanted me to follow what i had stated previously with my hockney-esque portraits. But with that, she wanted me to make a huge collage of the environment that i live in. Where i put myself, fragmented up, in the the photograph (i think just once) and create a diverse landscape of richmond around me. Where only a few things match up, like there would be some grass, but that would turn into sidewalk, which would turn into dirt. The skyline would be of the buildings at first, then meld into the canopy of some trees and then some blue or cloudy sky. Etc. That's something i felt was a very productive idea. Then she wanted me to take the print outs that i already have and send them through the paper shredder and then put them back together, they don't have to be in the same places either. She then had this other idea that she wanted me to do, and it involved magnets, Where i take a nude of myself, then photograph clothing items and apparel and have it displayed to a piece of metal. then let the viewers decide how they want to dress me up when on display. This is a good, idea but i am not sure how plausible it is.

Motivational/creative moment?

It would have to be that critique last thursday, it gave me many good ideas and is forcing me to expand my work and put myown spin on things.

Achieve in studio?

This is easy, WORK!!!! Our show is on the 21st!!!!

This past week's studio?

i shot a lot of scenes that i am piecing together and making collages out of.


Well, i guess it was my anti-portraits, since sonali wasn't much of a fan of them.

profound thought?

ummmm, realizing that now we only have like two weeks to get ready for the show!!!!

visiting artist?


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