Thursday, November 13, 2008

Did anyone critique my work?
Yes: my work was too in your face, all that could be seen was david hockney, couldn't get past the style, i am spinning my wheels, where's the content?, what does it mean?, not abstracted enough, why didn't i tilt my camera to the side?, Too calculated, let go, break out, think about what, and the thinking is missing.

this is what i was told.

motivational or creative moment?
this critique, i want to prove sonali wrong on everything. if she is doubting me, I will succeed TRUST ME!

Achieve in studio?

my work must get DONE SOON!!!!

this week's studio?

Critiqued stephanie and cindy's work and realized that my work needs more work!


According to sonali, my work isn't going in the right direction, so i see that as a failure.

profound thought?

omni-gel ink transfers.

visiting artist?


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