Friday, November 21, 2008

Did anyone critique my work:

Yes, the whole class did. it was very constructive, i feel, and it offered a good amount of constructive criticism. The biggest critique of myself was that I really need to be able to talk about my work better and have a better defense. Which i completely agree with, because, at times, i cannot articulate very well. The Images where i don't confront the camera might be stronger. That will add a better sense of mystery and narrative, and make it less of a portrait, and it will help people read into the scene better. Add symbols or at least create more personal meaning through symbolism. About the new mixed-media collage, it was too muddy, needs to be brighter, needs more balance, more meaning, less abstraction and more form and more self-relation to the piece. John made a good point, it kind of looks like trash art, and i can see that. I need to clean it up a bit, and add more meaning to it, and make it less than it is. but, it was a good act of self destructive process. The elevator piece was it seemed everyone's favorite piece. It was moody, sad, separated, isolated, disconnected, and had an inside/outside dynamic that could be utilized. People were also saying that the blur is another strong point in the new work, by juxstaposing the out of focus with the in focus. it also adds a sense of dream/nightmare and gives the feeling of everyone besides myself. People also wanted me to make a reconstruction of the whole reality, make the scene even bigger and encompass the viewer. People also wanted me to reshoot these spaces and shoot them as deadpan without me in them.

motivational or creative moment:

The motivational moment this week was to get my show complete without anyone worrying about me. I mean, I appreciate it and all, but no one needed to worry about me. Thanks.

Achieve in studio:

Well, I have two weeks left in the semester and I just got a bunch of good advice, so I will take that advice and apply it to my work and make some productive new pieces of work... i hope.

This week's studio:

Critiqued my work and alma's work, and we both seemed to have productive critiques so that's good.


I wouldn't go as far as saying I had a failure in studio this week, but some things sure need improvement. That's for sure.

Profound Thought:

Mixed media collage

Visiting Artist:


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