Sunday, September 14, 2008

Robert and Shana Parkeharrison

Robert Parkeharrison was born in Fort Leonard Wood, MO in 1968 and Shana Parkeharrison was born in Tulsa, OK in 1964.  Robert went to the Art Institute of Kansas City for undergrand and eventually went to the University of New Mexico for a masters, while Shana got here BFA from Williams Wood College.  I haven't found much more information about their biography at all, just information about their past shows and their education information.  In their work, which is collaborations, they use traditional darkroom techniques and create and image to make a comment on mans effect on the environment and how we use land for materialistic purposes.  

In their work, "The Architect's Brother", released in 2000, Robert is the everyday man, who is portrayed in the work.  He is the person that is effecting the environment because of his nature.  There is very little revealed about this man, at times you can see his face, but usually he's in more of a metaphor for everyone.  In their photography the issues that they address are everything from beauty, to grieve, to confusion, to joy and more.  Their created environments make us think about our interacting with the world around us and how we are the biggest influence on the world.  

The Currently reside in Massachusetts, where Robert teaches at Holy Cross.



Interview:  unable to find, but if I do I'll post it

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