Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jeffery Scott, who?

Now, I don't know how much of a "Fine Artist" this man is, although his work is pretty interesting and is weird.  Now, I haven't been able to find that much information on him, because I just don't think there's that much information on him.  He's a photographer and digital artist based out of California.  His work mostly depicts females nudes in a surreal industrial/post apocalyptic environment.  He began his art career as a painter and sculptor but eventually made a transition from those to photography and doesn't seem like he'll be switching anytime soon.  Although, this photographer doesn't seem too well known, he does do fine art, as well as commercial photography.  Now, I don't feel like debating if one has to stay in either of the categories but his work is very interesting.  I'm not entirely convinced I enjoy it or don't just because there's such a fine line between this post industrial surreal photography and just fantasy photography, like it would be made for some odd nerd card game or a video game.  Although it seems apparent that the his work is strong, yet a bit repetitive, but doesn't lack creativity or talent.  Now, I feel that he may have too many nudes of well endowed women (I don't have that much of a problem with this, rather i conceptually have a problem with it) it just gets distracting at times, and may categorize this work into a sub category of soft core fantasy porn.  The things that I do enjoy about this work is his digital manipulations and how he puts these icons of purity and innocence (women) and brings them into a world of apocalyptic nature and adds many oddities to the photographs continuing to ask questions of reality and their existence.



I wasn't able to find if he was represented by one, too little information.

and now, after doing this blog, i'm not even sure i like him that much anymore.  it may be too fantasy now after looking at his photographs for a while.  they were interesting when i first saw them, but now not so much.  you be the judge.

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