Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finally, This means something.

Finally, some people critiqued my work here, and it wasn't pretty.  A lot of my work stood up to their critiques visually, but when it came to theory it got attacked and hit pretty hard, hypothetically.   About my abstract ambience work, i guess i may not have used the right words, for what I thought i was doing at the time, color theory, spontaneity, and gesturalism.  Well, it seems like most people gravitated to my word of spontaneity, saying that this isn't spontaneous that it's very well thought out and that i should make it completely spontaneous by letting the reigns go and really go for it.  Well, i dunno about that, but I will definitely put it into consideration.  As for my Violent work, that's really what got hit hard.  But, I in a sense let it, because I did not defend it properly at all.  Which was my mistake, but t got attacked.  Everyone agreed that I can take a very good photograph, that wasn't up for debate, my theory on the other hand was, and I just didn't have my defending "cap" on that day and got critiqued hard.  But, it's all good, because I'll figure all that out eventually.

The most motivational moment of the week came was at our research yesterday, I realized that my mythologies were taking me to a very literal place, and I don't know if that's really where I wanted to go.  I liked how you said to give my research equal weight and make something, I'm going to try and do that, instead of relying heavily on that Angels and Demons book.

I want to achieve work in next week studio practice.  That's it.

In studio I achieved my presentation of my work and it got critiqued, hard.  Which is cool, and I needed that wake up call.  I also got to see Alma's and Cindy's work too.  I was wondering when I would be able to see where they're coming from.

My artistic failure, was thinking too Literal about my ethereal work, i need to abstract it and make it completely something different and then put ties to it.  It needs to be really far out there, almost surreal.

That basically was my profound thought as well, to take a step back and completely abstract what I want to do, take it in a very bizarre direction.  That's what i need to do, or something along those lines.

No visiting artist.

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