Saturday, September 20, 2008

John Coplans

John Coplans was born in 1920 in London and was educated in South Africa and England then he emigrated to the USA and began teaching at the University of California Berkeley. He worked as the senior curator of the Pasadena Art Museum and he was the director of the Akron Art Museum as well. He was the founding editor of Artforum Magazine. He was an art critic and he published many books on artists including Andy Warhol, Cezanne and Roy Lichtenstien. He has received numerous fellowships and grants for his work and contributions to art criticism as well. He died in 2003. His work is of himself, and how he was agining. He started to shoot himself in his sixties to show the aging process of life. He uses humor and seriousness in his photography. He saw himself as an actor and a canvas to show his aging body to the world. He reveals lots of information about himself and references old artworks with his poses of his old sagging body. He examines his body extremely close to show all about life, age, and time. His work has been showed all over the globe, with numerous solo exhibitions. He is one of the closest masters of the self portrait one could be.

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