Thursday, September 25, 2008

another review

1. I really wouldn't say that anyone has critiqued my work this week. I could kin of say that you have, but you only saw the negatives and it's really hard to judge negatives instead of the real thing. But, you did tell me to abstract my portraits and really kind of go out on a limb and and try something new with my self portraits.

2. My creative/motivational moment this week came to me when i was out for a walk on sunday. something about the weather really inspired me. it made me relate wonder and memory together in an odd concept but did make me realize that I can relate things of mundanity together and they have to ability to relate to something completely different. When I was out for a walk the weather reminded me of southern illinois, and me being at giant city state park and going out for a hike with my friends. Now, i had never had a thought of that here in Virginia until the conditions were perfect, and my mind made an odd reference to a very nice place in my memory.

3. What i want to achieve in next week's studio practice is that i want to make even more. I feel that I have answered this question like this a numerous amount of times, but it's still true. I want to create more, present work that's good and bad so that people can judge it and it can really narrow my thinking through critique.

4. I achieved the critique of Jonh Hendershot and Hassan Pitts.

5. My artistic failure? Now, I can't really say that I have one, but I can tell you a bad idea of the week. That would be don't stay up all night working on a project, then pass out in the studio in the afternoon causing me to miss my 3pm appointment with you and coming in around 3:40.

6. The most profound thought this week came yesterday when i was talking to you about my work, and how you were telling me to completely abstract my self-portraits, into something that may not even have a person in it, maybe just an impression of myself. I think that can really blossom into something pretty cool.

7. No visiting artist.

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