Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yeah, my work got critiqued this week. It wasn't what i wanted it to be, but it did. My presentation was wrong, due to no matte cutter (so they were presented as diptychs), the scans of the images were messed up, so the sides had fall off, and i over sharpened. Also, another thing that didn't help was that I started working on something a bit different and didn't get the film back until thursday morning, so i couldn't show anything new. So, basically the critique was for images that were irrelevant. (This wasn't my best critique.)

The critique was the most motivational thing of the week, before and after. I worked really hard for this critique on thursday, and i was angry from the critique. So, I am really going to push my work and aesthetic and theory for my new work.

What i want to achieve this week in studio is that I want to breakthrough my utter lack of theory, and just figure out what it is i'm actually trying to do and accomplish in my work.

What i achieved in this week's studio, is a bunch of printing and preparing for my critique, but obviously to no avail.

My most profound thought of the week was...I'm not really sure. I just need to get my shit together and make art.

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