Friday, February 20, 2009

1. Nobody really critiqued my work this week. Heide was very brief with me and said that my work has gotten better and that I need to keep on doing what I am doing, because I am on a roll.

2. The most motivational thing of the week is when I started to listen to The Lawrence Arms. They have been providing me with a creative outlook that I never experienced when listening to their music before.

3. What I want to achieve in studio next week is, well, we're critiquing Alma and Lauren's work, and I want to start shooting more indoor narratives as well.

4. What I achieved in studio this week is that I broke out from my barrier or completely formal and centerweighted work. I said fuck it to f/22 and having a strong central element in my work. Houston, I've broken out of the comfort zone.

5. My profound thought goes with my motivational moment. The Lawrence Arms have been helping me think of many different ways to shoot and do art. I'd bet they'd be happy to hear that as well.

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