Monday, February 2, 2009

Andreas Fragel Photography

This is the photography of Andreas Fragel. Now, I really can't find that much information on him, but what I've gathered is that his work has to do with a lot of backstory. He, in some, shoots a village that had to be abandoned so that a strip mine could be built. The toxicity of the mining and the dangers of the repercussions of it, forced the people out of their homes. He seems to photograph either the desolate or the new urban/suburban expanses of society. It is very intriguing work, but his website is in a different language, so I am uncertain of a few aspects of his work, life, education, and experiences. He is also a filmmaker, musician, and commercial artist. He is a minimalist musician as well.

His website states this about him:

"Andreas is also active in film and music production, does video clips.
He worked for Commercial (KW 43 ), Music DVD`s (Kraftwerk) and Documentary (David Wittenberg ).
He was more or less substantially involved at production which get the following awards:
red dot - Best of the Best 2003, The International Andy Awards - Destinction Winner 2003,
Pardo d´honneur Filmfestspiele Locarno 1996, WDR Preis Videonale 7 Bonn 1996, Grimme Preis Marl 1998.
His music for art videos include "Kuss" and "Ein Tisch, zwei Teller" from Vladimir Frelih.
The video clip for his own track "Komikon" entered the Oberhausen Video Award Film Festival.
He released several EPs on his own vinyl label MOS, and contributed tracks to Trapez, Traum and to "Miss Kitten´s Radio Caroline".
For a short time he has a camera."

I didn't find gallery representation.
or interview

regardless I enjoy his personal aesthetic choices in his photographs.

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