Friday, February 13, 2009

* What was the most profound thought in relation to your practice this week?

My work was critiqued this week, by Paul Shambroom. His impressions of my work were mixed. He liked that I could compose a very nice formal composition and that the drive was there, but he couldn't find meaning within the images that I presented to him. They all, for the most part, were striking photographs, but my idea and theory were lost in the mix. I agree, but it was because the images that i showed him were a bit old (well, about a week and a half old). He didn't like how the sides fell out of focus, but he understood why they did. He felt that I really needed to dig deeper and compose more of a narrative.

The most creative moment of the week came from me wondering through richmond. I stumbled upon a very industrial and natural area. It was under the leigh st. viaduct near mcv.

I want to achieve what i've been setting out to do this whole time. I want people to understand my photographs without me telling them what they're all about.

What I accomplished this week in studio is that I really need to not make my photographs so center weighted, I need to tease the edges and quit being so obvious with all of my work.

My profound thought was pretty much what I just said.

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