Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week in review

To answer your first question, nobody has critiqued my work this week...yet, just wait until noon tomorrow, then Sonali will be able to make a comment.

The most motivational moment of the week?
...let me think? It would definitely have to be when my girlfriend and I broke up. Yeah this shit just happened not six days ago. Bummer, i know, but i am strong. Shit fucking happens, and i can deal with it. Long distance is just shitty, as i would think that at least most people would know. It's tricky to pull off, and I failed, or we failed. But, this is for the better. Now i am no longer attached to a girl in the midwest, and not constantly talking all the time on the phone. I guess my phone bill will be cheaper, at least. But, this will motivate me to create and use my emotions for myself and...just help.

I want to achieve, in next week's studio practice...ummmm i don't have studio next week. But, I'm going to shoot my ass off, and that's what I want to accomplish! I just want to continue to shoot, and next week, during the break I will get my time in don't you worry a thing.

My achievement this week in studio was to critique Lauren and Stephanie's work. I still need to post on blackboard for it, but that was about it. I shot and developed film too.

Well, my artistic failure would be that I wanted to shoot some photographs with my girlfriend, and currently that is impossible. It may be a shitty answer, but I was supposed to see her this weekend, but shit fell through and whatever happened happened, so fuck it. That's what happened and now i cannot do it. So it is a failure in my books.

The most profound thought in relation to my work is what I want to do for this really big piece I have in mind. I want to use 13 photographs, and have 12 of them create a border to the main and most important 13th piece of work. I want the border to be photographs of my past self. I.e. me with long hair and a different mentality and outlook on life. And by outlook and mentality that refers to again, and i am sorry, my girlfriend. So, this week was a tough one it sounds. But, this thought is really what i want to do, and i feel it will be super strong. It will be at least 60 x 60.

No visiting artist this week, you'll have to wait a week for this information to be released.

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