Saturday, October 18, 2008

Doug and Mike Starn

The Starns were both born in 1961, they are identical twins and hail from the state of New Jersey. They both have been collaborating together on photography/art since they were at the young age of thirteen and haven't looked back. They work in photography, video, installation, painting and sculpture. The Starns went to school at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. There work has an abstract aesthetic that comes with it. In some of their works from the carbon printing process, they use pushpins and stick the work directly to the well, commenting on what mint condition is and saying if art needs to be in perfect shape. Their work has been exhibited worldwide from the Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Maison Européenne de la
Photographie (Paris, France), the National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne, Australia), the National Museum
of Contemporary Art (Seoul, South Korea), and pretty much anywhere else. Their work has also been critically acclaimed by many reputable sources including The New York Times, ArtForum, Flashart and others.

What really interested me in their work was first, that they are identical twins and that's cool, but also because of their massive montages of their photographs. They have done it with mostly their carbon prints and have scotch taped and pinned most of them together. They have done it with their work on Buddhist monks, trees, leaves, and much of their work.

Interview: Exposure Magazine, Spring 2008. Volume 41: 1 (I'll put in mailbox)

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