Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Week in Review

Did anyone critique my work?

Most motivational or creative moment of the week?
Well, to be honest, one of the most motivational moments of the week was when the White Sox were playing this week. The last three games they had to play were against three different teams. First they had to beat the Indians, and they did. Then they had to play a make up game against Detroit, and they won. And after that win against Detroit, they forced a 1 game playoff against the Minnesota Twins. They played that last night, and played an awesome game, it was a pitchers duel. The game ended on a diving catch to center field, and the White Sox won the American League Central Division and are in the post season right now. They will be playing against the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday and I cannot wait. Although, this isn't artistic in the least, it was a motivational experience for me, and it is a part of my self identity as well. I grew up playing baseball and being a huge White Sox fan. This is just some self identity for me.

What do you want to achieve in Studio?
I really want to keep shooting more and more and more. I was shooting an upside downs series of self portraits, but they seemed to be unsuccessful. I want to keep using studio lighting, i haven't looked at these photographs that i posted for a little while and actually thought they were pretty good looking. I want to use more lights, but in different locations. Maybe I will be able to convince someone that I will be a good responsible student and that I can go on location with certain light, who knows, it's a thought. But, i just need to keep shooting and keep on trucking through my work, because apparently, we may have a show during the early or middle part of November and that means I need way more photographs.

What did I achieve in studio this week?
In class, we critiqued Nia and Jennida's work, but I shot a few rolls of film and scanned them in. They were mediocre.

Artistic Failure?
My failure this week was my upside down self portraits of where ever I was going. I shot some on the bus as I was coming to a from school. I shot some while I was just sitting around. I shot some while I was smoking a cigarette, etc. The problem was that they my face in these photographs were too dark. That the background and all that was coming out well, but my face was in shadows and way too flat. I didn't like them at all.

Most profound thought relating to my studio practice?
I guess that would be the use of using multiples of me, in my photographs. Where I shoot in the studio, and have myself move around in different frames of the roll and then mask them together making many multiples of me. I want to give this a shot at one point.

Visiting Artist?

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