Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Urban Territories

(Snapshots of my Mapping)


"The development of the metropolis and the rise of photography went hand in hand and would remain closely linked. The modern city and its commercial activities found, through photography, the image that most effectively documented them and gave for to their values."

-Real Lussier

This quote was an eye opener for me, i never really thought of it like that. That there's this undeniable link to technology and the development of cities with photography. It is the source of documentation for the modern societies and now that it's so abundant that its becoming dependent on the use of photography as one of the only means of its validation and justification.

"It would seem that our own ear sanctions, more than ever before, the divide between the city as physical territory and the community of citizens. The principles of transparency, order and visibility in the Modernist conception of large cities have been replaced by fragmentation, dispersion, anarchic development and the alienation caused by the latest transformation of urban space."

-Real Lussier

This again is reiterating, in different words, the break down of our current landscapes in the urban areas of the world. How things are going to be looked at in this day and age. There's segregation happening around us in the form of capitalism and its use of classes. These disconnects are the focal points of many young photographers, who are seeing the in between moments of time and land that create these stories through photography to exhibit meaning into the dialogue.

Lussier, Real. Urban Territories. Geneva: Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, 2005. Print.

I chose an article from this book because of it's really good descriptions of the new examination of the landscape and its context. There's a cultural reexamination of our current post industrial landscape and this book is trying to organize the chaotic nature of the subject matter.

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