Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mass Transit

"In Japan and many European countries, bike-and-ride is a major — in some cities the predominant —commuting mode. The use of bicycles as a “feeder” mode to transit, with convenient bicycle access to transit stops, helps railways in those countries compete with automobiles and maintain a high share of overall trips."

not sure who exactly wrote this, since there's a few authors to the entire article.

This article is fitting in my work because it talks about the ways to transform a city's mindset and what needs to be done to make a place "greener" in a sense. The idea of cities helping the "feeder" mode of transportation would increasing cut down on traffic, toxins in the air, road rage (my opinion), and congestion (in the broadest of terms). Many people would travel this way (i.e. biking to a train station) is things were safer. When surveyed, many said that they'd bike if there was a theft proof place to park their bikes, others said they would bike if the trains could carry their bikes. There are still many things that need to be panned out for this to take a greater hold on our country, but i feel that we're taking steps in the right direction. By looking at Europe and Japan, i figure that American's and their cities could take note. In Switzerland, ever train station has a place to rent bikes, The Netherlands has many stations with a bike rental kiosk as well. Parking bikes in NYC and other major American cities has proven difficult at times too. Though, the congestion is on the sidewalks rather than the streets. People are trying to become less dependent on their cars and more self dependent these days and the cities that they inhabit should change accordingly as well. But, i don't see the cities changing their tune, until more and more people start becoming more self dependent and trying to make a change in their communities.

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