Sunday, April 5, 2009

Recent Works and Statement

The unveiling of the in-between and unseen moments of the human fingerprint through form, light, and color to capture the essence and deterioration of life, is an aspect of culture that shouldn't be taken so lightly. It's not present to where we normally look and experience, but is waiting to be uncovered in the empty, lifeless, and worn spaces that lie in wait for one to stumble upon. The atrophy and waste that is inherent in our lifestyle is becoming more prevalent, but is still going unnoticed. By illustrating a formalist understanding of existence, I have begun to notice my relevance on reality and the documentation of the spirit of mankind through its remnants. Mankind undermining themselves causing a self willed, self imposed, self evident, self destruction.

Photographs that I'm not too sure about, so I think they're going to be on the cutting block.

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Sara D'Eugenio said...

the last one in the first group seems really out of place. The last one in the second group...I've seen that before. Was it published somewhere or online through VCU?