Friday, January 23, 2009

Week in Review, yo!

Well, it was a pretty informal critique from Heide because she wasn't present at my final crit last semester. She enjoyed the work for the most part. She didn't really like elevator photograph of myself, except the color, because it was too straight forward of a photograph and didn't evoke the sense of mystery or narrative that were present in most of the others. Her favorite photograph of mine was the one shot in the stairwell with the ladder, hose, and myself. She said that it had the most narrative out of all the pieces and that it was sinister. Which I hadn't heard anyone say about that piece, so i rather enjoyed the painters approach to my work.

The most motivational moment of the week for me was when i downloaded Bob Marley's "No women, No cry." For some reason that song really speaks to me, just it's all around attitude and musical aesthetic. The lyrics really cheered me up (and i wasn't even sad) it was very enlightening for me so i really appreciated that. Also, another motivational moment for me was when i downloaded John Denver's "Take me home, Country Roads." Now, I've never really been a John Denver fan (i never disliked him, i just never really payed much attention to his music) but goddamn that song is fucking fantastic. I would sing it the whole way through every time i listened to it. Just ask Hassan and Jennida, they heard me a few times singing along to it. I'm not really sure why these were my motivational moments, but they were and it rocked!

What I want to achieve in studio is scanning a bunch of my negatives that I shot, submit to some upcoming shows in Oregon/Washington/California, keep shooting and keep researching my aesthetic and topic i want to pursue.

I achieved, in studio this week, I shot a bunch of film and had Heide critique my work. that's about it, and i've been getting ready for the visiting artist.

Most Profound thought of the week in relation to my work is a quote:

"Everything is gonna be alright, everything is gonna be alright, alright, everything is gonna be alright-a, everything is gonna be alright!" -Bob Marley

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