Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blog two

I feel that an artist that has similar work is Richard Avedon, not in subject matter, but in its balance in frame.  A lot of his work has a central figure that balances out the frame within a white background.  While I have rarely used a white background, i always create balance within my frame of work.  Avedon, like my recent work, usually show just the person from the waist and above in a gritty fashion.  

Avedon was born ion May 15, 1923 in New York.  His photography career started when he join the merchant marines.  He then moved on to work at a department store and thats when he met a highly touted art director of Harper's Bazaar and started to work work for Vogue, Life, and Harper's Bazaar magazines.  Around 1966 he became a staff photographer for Vogue and eventually became the lead photographer and shot most of the covers for the magazine as well.  This is where a good part of his fashion photography came from.  He eventually started shooting in the American West, and this is where a lot of my influences come from.  His shots in the American West where commissioned by the Amon Carter Museum in Ft. Worth, Texas.  His American West project took him around six years and produced over 100 portraits for the project.  He died on October 1, 2004 from a brain hemorrhage.  

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